Semalt Expert Elaborates On How Referrer Spam Affects Website Metrics

Most website owners suffer from the effects of referrer spam traffic. In these cases, referrer spam constitutes multiple domains which are making traffic go to the website. For instance, referrer spam traffic might come in outbursts of human visitors on the site. In these cases, the traffic comes in bulks constituting of an 0 seconds engagement. In some other cases, people experience reduced web visits in their website dashboard and a high bounce rate. These are instances where referrer traffic affects the website metrics. You should detect and get rid of referrer spam to execute the majority of these web visits. Referrer spam skews website data making the overall website experience troublesome.

One of the leading specialists from Semalt, Jason Adler, defines here some crucial issues to succeed in performing this.

Website referrer

A website referrer is a domain which has the software and tools for executing backlinking tasks. From your website, you may be receiving traffic from domains to your GA page. Similarly, there are other instances where people get paid web visits or many clicks involving company products like pharmaceuticals. When a link to your website comes from another domain, the chances are that it is originating from referrer spam. In reality, the source of the links no longer exists. Moreover, they may be zombie computers or viruses which are contacting your websites to form fake web visits.

Types of referrer spam

Referrer spam can occur in two distinct ways:

Crawler referrer spam

In some cases, web crawlers from some useful websites might end up slowing down your website. In this case, they make some sites come in handy as well as ignoring your robots.txt file. These web visits may or not reflect on your website dashboard.

Ghost referrer spam

This tactic enables multiple functionality features on a website. Moreover, there are numerous functions which people use to make numbers appear in GA account. This traffic does not reflect on your site dashboard.

Reasons for referrer spam

There are many motives behind the referrer spam SEO. Many people use these methods to fake metrics and create the legitimate sources. For instance, some of the reasons these malicious attacks use referrer spam include:

1.Increasing web visits

Most people use referrer spam to improve their web visits. They send tonnes of traffic to websites to increase a chance of a person clicking their link. Their end game is usually linked to an affiliate platform or even an ads network. They hope to make commissions from the visitors who end up appearing in their spam domains.

2. Malware attacks

In some cases, people might target vulnerable victim computers. The might use call-to-action functions and make their victim computers infected with a virus. Such attacks help in internet frauds such as credit card theft as well as other malicious web attacks.

3. Search rankings

In exceptional cases, some people might seek to increase their website rankings. In these cases, people try to trick the search engine algorithms into ranking a website first. This involves faking web visits to make sure that the entire site comes up in the SERPs of some specific web pages.

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